Moving Like the Pros


Welcome to Your New Home

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Now, you’re on the other side. After all the footwork, paperwork, appointments and phone calls, you are only a few steps away from moving into your new home. Moving day has it’s challenges—every box packed with memories, every stick of furniture a reminder of friends, family and the events of your life. Enclosed, we offer a few suggestions to help moving day go smoothly.

The Plan

Moving guides suggest organizing your move in a series of lists—a neat catalogue of boxes, an inventory of items contained, brief descriptions, anecdotes, dates acquired, yarns of family lore connected to every heirloom—an exhaustive archive. In practice, you’re either a list person or you’re not. If you are a list person, you already have an extensive list of your possessions filed neatly away somewhere. If you are not a list person, moving day isn’t the best day to start.

A Simplified List

keysThe most important tools on a move are keys—keys to the old home, keys to the new home and keys to the moving van. Hold on to them. Having a few well door_stop2placed door stops is like having another pair of hands— another mover on your crew.

Packing it Up

Use various sized cardboard boxes. Pack them well, but don’t over pack them. Each box needs to be lifted, carried and stacked. Label the boxes with the names of rooms in your new home. References to your old home become confused and foggy the moment you walk out the door.

boxespacking tape2Seal boxes with packing tape along the openings and about 8 to 12 inches up the sides. Do not use masking tape, duct tape or electrical tape.scissors2

Keep a pair of scissors handy or you’ll be tempted to break packing tape with your teeth. There is no time on moving day for emergency dentistry.

newspaper2Protect fragile items from chipping by wrapping them in newspaper before packing them in boxes. Pack delicate items and heavy duty items in separate boxes.

trashbag2Trash bags are inexpensive, lightweight and strong, but resist the temptation to use them as packing containers. They offer no corners to hold when lifting and carrying, no structure for stacking or protecting their contents, but the best reason to avoid them is that they look like trash. You’ll have enough trash on moving day without accidentally adding your belongings to the pile.

ziplock-plastic-bagsAs you dismantle furniture— remove a vanity mirror, fold up a bed frame—stow nuts, bolts, screws and clips in easy-seal sandwich bags.

Pack items snuggly to keep them from moving, shaking and falling in transit.

Pack items snuggly to keep them from moving, shaking and falling in transit.


Making it Fit

You know what your couch looks like, but what does it look like to a door, a hallway or a staircase? Moving large items may call for upside-downing and flipping around. Before you and a friend lift opposite ends of the couch and head for the door, take a minute to talk over the plan and make sure that words like up, down, left and right mean the same things to everyone.involved.


It’s not a contest. You don’t have to fit all of your belongings under your own roof. Storage facilities offer the convenience of keeping your belongings safe and out of the way.

We wish you comfort and happiness
in your new home
and good luck on your move.

If we can be of help,
don’t hesitate to call.


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